Afloat with SUPs and Kayaks

In a region where nature has generously offered 1,000,000 km2 of sea, there are countless opportunities, for leisure and sports, to enjoy the sea and all its mystique and natural beauty. The sea is the largest and widest “natural product” in the Azores.

Water sports are one of the most intimate and respectful ways of relating to the sea. The “beat” of the air on the face and body, the sound of hooves “tearing” the sea…the fantastic slopes and coves that we can only appreciate from the sea… “smell of the sea”… in a mutual relationship of surrender and fascination, in the sea, above all, we discover that it offers itself in fullness for us to enjoy it!

Enjoying the sea, and all the countless spaces with enormous tourist value, only accessible or seen by sea, in non-motorized equipment, are a guarantee of total preservation and respect for the environment.

Whether in the bay of Porto Pim, in Praia da Conceição, in Porto do Comprido next to the Capelinhos Volcano, in Varadouro, Porto de Castelo Branco overlooking the Morro,  Praia do Almoxarife, or any other port on the island of Faial (the state do mar is always the one who “sends” the most when choosing the place for the activity...) one thing is guaranteed: anywhere there is always a unique way to fully enjoy the “trilogy” Sea, Geology and Nautical Sports. The ideal, due to its singularities, will be to explore all the places, one at a time…

Azores4Fun offers, with daily equipment rental, this opportunity, whether on a SUP board or in a Kayak or Canoe. Our boards and canoes are inflatable, which is very practical to take them easily to any location and venture out to explore.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a sport that derives from surfing, where it is necessary to stand on a board in the water, while using a paddle to move around. It is easier and safer than surfing and is an excellent way to work the whole body, especially stimulating balance and muscle development, as well as guaranteeing a unique and fun experience at sea.

Canoeing can be practiced in Canoe or Kayak, in calm or rough waters. They are stable and easy to maneuver. As with SUP, Canoeing provides physical and psychological benefits, being a great way to improve mental health, as water helps the mind to release the stress accumulated during the day and create a sense of calm.

Venture into this activity and enjoy Faial! Come with us to discover our coast and with our equipment, venture out by sea for the privilege of enjoying other landscapes and perspectives of the island.