Azores4Fun, Tourism and Adventure – Who are we?

Azores4Fun is a company created in 2011 to carry out maritime tourism activities, based in the city of Horta, island of Faial, Autonomous Region of the Azores.

For 8 years, Azores4Fun focused its action on diversifying the existing tourist offer in the Azores, investing in a portfolio of innovative products and services, which allowed its customers to enjoy nautical activities and experiences on board a sailboat, which ranged from a simple overnight stay on board, on multi-day inter-island cruises, including short trips through the channels of the Triangle Islands and participation in regattas.

In 2017, Azores4Fun acquired a Toyota BJ40, from the 70s, for recovery and future use for transfers from its customers as well as off-road tours in what is one of the most classic and emblematic vehicles in this category.

In 2019, “Casa da Travessa” opened, in a building in the heart of the city of Horta, consisting of two apartments with a total capacity for 15 people, as well as deciding to expand its activity to other maritime and nature activities, thus advancing with the purchase of 3 Kart Cross (Buggys), kayaks and inflatable SUP boards and snorkeling equipment.

In 2021, it invested in PaintBall material and created a field for that purpose from scratch, with trenches, obstacles, bases and a briefing and assistance area. With a field created for this purpose, Azores4Fun provides unique conditions for this strategy game in physical and real mode.

One of Azores4Fun's bets, as a differentiation of its offer, will be the availability of complete and complementary packages of activities. With various durations, from hours to days, the packages may include off-road tours, in Kart Cross or in the Classic Toyota BJ40, Paintball, walking routes, camping or local accommodation and nautical activities (SUP, Canoeing, Snorkeling).

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