Equipment used to play Paintball

For the protection and safety of everyone playing Paintball, it has a list of equipment, which must be well maintained and in good condition. Are they:

• Marker (paintball gun)
• Air bottle
• Loader (Ink Ball Loader)
• Protection mask
• Vest
• Paint Balls

The Marker, despite being a "play" weapon, can hurt, so remember that whenever you're not in play, the safety switch must be locked. Likewise, whenever you enter the playing area, it is mandatory to wear a protective mask, which serves to protect your face from any shot that may come your way.

Regarding clothing, the recommended thing, so that you suffer the least from the impact of the balls and are protected on the field, is:

• Long pants, preferably with a "cushioning" layer
• Pair of high-top sneakers or boots
• Long sleeve hoodie
• Neck protector
• Pair of gloves

Once you are well equipped, have fun playing! You'll be able to roll, run, hide and shoot at "enemies" and, for sure, it will be a few hours well spent!