Horta Cidade Mar and Casa da Travessa, Tiny & Yatch Spirit City Break

Inspired by the "City Break", what we propose is a "Tiny City Break", given the size (in area) of the city of Horta, with "Yatismo", a theme that makes the "small" city of Horta a large and cosmopolitan city in the nautical world, in particular cruise and transatlantic sailing.

We believe that this unique “mix” can provide you with an equally unique experience.

2h20 by plane from Lisbon, or 45min away from Ponta Delgada, Horta is a perfect destination. from “close”, to venture into any “short break”, but q.b. from “far away” to travel, experience and break any routine typical of the “capitals”.

And unlike other destinations in the Azores, all of which are often “breathed” with the luck of a “gardener” weather, which often waters and humidifies us to maintain the lush green that characterizes us, in the city of Horta there is a lot to do and experience. even on “rainier” days, from museums (for example, the Scrimshaw, unique in the world) and interpretive centers (Centro da Baleia or Casa Manuel de Arriaga, for example), so these days are never a risk of spoiling any short getaway in the city of Horta.

Casa da Travessa is, due to its location, undoubtedly a great place to “base” in a “Tiny & Yatch Spirit City Break”.

Casa da Travessa offers two apartments, with a total capacity for 15 people, in the center of Horta. It is located on a side street (Travessa do Poiso Novo) that gives direct access to the Avenida Marginal in the city of Horta, we would say that it is one of its best “spots”, as it is possible to enjoy a pedestrian walk between Praia and Parque da Alagoa, at one end, and the famous Marina da Horta, at the other, always with a superb view of the Pico mountain as a “background”.

At the other “end” of the Casa da Travessa lane is the emblematic Praça da República, next to which the Municipal Market is located, and, less than 1km away, an array of historic buildings not to be missed, such as Império dos Nobres, the Amor da Pátria Society, the Faialense Theater, the Church of the Santíssimo Salvador da Matriz, the Clock Tower, the Carmo Church, among others, that we invite you to explore its history.

If Avenida Marginal, and its view of the canal, with its bustle of boats (from May to September mainly…), as well as the proximity to the Marina da Horta, imbue us with a true yachting spirit, the numerous historic buildings of the city da Horta and, as a result of the most recent revitalization action, the “new life” of the Municipal Market, currently a restaurant and social area, give Horta an up-to-date city spirit.

The old maritime and yachting tradition and reputation, and all the stories and stories that were created around it, “on top” of the natural beauty of its bay and channel, only sharpened the charm of Horta as a sea city. Its geostrategic location and its importance during the 2nd world war, in transatlantic aviation, when it was a seaplane port, or even in world communications, as a point of confluence of submarine cables, as well as the “legend” of the paintings in Porto or Marina (which turned it into an open-air painting gallery), or even the emblematic Peter Café Sport, a stage for adventures and meeting point for the so-called “adventurers” who in the past, in precarious boats, ventured across the Atlantic and in the vegetable garden found a safe and friendly harbor to “connect to the world”.

There will not be, much less in Portugal, many cities with the size of Horta and with its reputation and world history and cosmopolitan “flavor”.

Come visit us, break your routine, experience the yachting spirit of Horta, be enchanted by its history and stay with us at Casa da Travessa!