More about Paintball and its benefits

Contrary to what can be assumed, Paintball was not based on military training... It originated in the United States when, in 1981, a group of twelve people decided to play “capture the flag”, using weapons developed by forestry engineers to mark trees and tracks.

Paintball is an action sport, fun and extremely extreme. Even so, among extreme sports, it is considered the safest. The biggest risk in this sport is vision, however, the use of adequate masks and the correct understanding and practice of the rules, totally eliminates this risk.

Players use bullets (the weapons) that shoot paintballs that, on impact, burst and leave a smear of paint. The balls that serve as ammunition are made of a thin gelatine, filled with paint and are environmentally friendly and the weapons (markers) are specific for this sport, so they are not lethal.

There are several types of games (you can check our page at (   to see a small description of each one) and the main objective is to never get hit. If you get shot, and the ball bursts, you're out of the game and you have to wait until the next one starts, so when you find a player from the opposing team, shoot and tag him before he does that to you!

To play, create your team and wear your most comfortable clothes that you can get dirty, I promise you will have a good experience.

In general, the benefits of playing paintball include: release of stress and a progressive increase in mood, development of the ability to work in a team, good communication and creation of strategies, in addition to expending a good amount of calories!