About our activities at sea SUP Canoeing and Snorkeling

Azores4Fun offers daily equipment rental for the practice of various water sports: Stand Up Paddle, Canoeing and Snorkeling.

Our SUP boards and canoes are inflatable, which is very practical to easily take them anywhere and venture out to explore.

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a sport that derives from surfing, where it is necessary to stand on a board in the water, while using a paddle to move around. It is easier and safer than surfing and is an excellent way to work the whole body, especially stimulating balance and muscle development, as well as guaranteeing a unique and fun experience at sea.

Canoeing can be practiced in Canoe or Kayak, in calm or rough waters. They are stable and easy to maneuver. As with SUP, Canoeing provides physical and psychological benefits, being a great way to improve mental health, as water helps the mind to release the stress accumulated during the day and create a sense of calm.

Snorkeling is a sport that offers the extraordinary experience of observing coastal marine life through apnea with goggles and breathing tube, and with the optional use of a pair of fins for greater and faster mobility.

Venture into these activities and enjoy Faial! Come with us to discover our coast and with our equipment, venture out by sea for the privilege of enjoying other landscapes and perspectives of the island.