If you want to spend a different day and still burn a lot of calories, call your friends and come play Paintball with us.

The fun will be a constant and you will only need to have the right aim and strategic and perspicacious thinking!

Although you have to plan and execute an armed attack against the "enemy" army, with a lot of action to mix, Paintball is a peaceful confrontation and does not pose any health risk to those who practice it.

There are several types of challenging and very fun games, such as Team vs Team, Flag Game, Tower Defense or Hostage, so the only condition is to bring a good mood and your team, because the more “enemies” there are, more spectacular will be to play!

Finally, it is important to mention that our balls are biodegradable, so after a normal rain the paint disappears completely, in addition we are confined in an exclusive field for this activity, so we will not leave any traces in the natural landscape of our island!

About Paintball
The field
The different games
Prices and Conditions

About Paintball

It originated in 1981 in the United States when a group of twelve people decided to play “capture the flag”, using the ink bullet weapons used to mark trees and trails.

Players use markers (the weapons) that shoot paint balls, made of a thin, paint-filled, environmentally friendly gelatin, which, on impact, burst and leave an ink stain.

The great objective of each player is never to be reached. When a player is hit, and the ball bursts, he is out of the game.

Playing paintball has several benefits: release of stress and a progressive increase in (good) mood, development of the ability to work in a team, it stimulates communication and the creation of strategies, in addition to expending a good amount of calories!

For more information, consult the articles on our Blog

Azores4fun field

Azores4Fun, since opening its Paintball activity in July 2021, has invested heavily in creating a field from scratch that offers safety conditions and physical challenges that provide a true battle experience for its users.

Since the begining it has been subject of numerous improvements, from the opening of new trenches, the creation of more stations and obstacles and recently an area for briefings and for the public.

The Azores4Fun field is very versatile and well equipped with trenches and various obstacles, which can be divided into 6 other fields, for different numerical groups and/or difficulties.

Our goal is to organize events with a high level of quality, comfort and safety.

The different games

Team vs Team

The objective is to eliminate the entire opposing team.

All against all

All players play against each other leaving only 1 winner.

Free game

In this game mode, whenever someone is hit, they have to return to base, being able to return to the game immediately until their bullets run out.


In hostage mode, one of the teams stays in one of the bases in order to protect a "hostage" while the other does everything to get him back alive to their base.

Confirmed Death

This type of game can be played both in "team vs team" and "all against all" mode. Basically, in addition to the base score of 1 point for each elimination, each time you manage to go to the location of the person affected, this elimination is worth 2 points.

Flag game

1. The first team to raise the flag of the opposite base wins this game.

2. The flag starts in the center of the field standing and during the game one of the teams has to protect it while the other will have to try to put it on the ground. People hit must leave the game for 30 seconds.

Base defense

In this game, one of the teams stays at the base defending it while the other tries to advance into it.


In this mode there will be 3 or 5 "bases" and the game will have an exact duration, when the time runs out, the team with the most bases won wins.


per person

  • Adults Complete Package | 100 balls- 15€
  • Adults Complete Package | 200 balls- 20€
  • Adults Complete Package | 500 balls- 25€
  • Kids Complete Package | 100 balls -10€
  • 100 extra balls - 5€


The Paintball activity only takes place with a minimum of 4 people (or equivalent value).  Maximum 8 players on the field.

Included on Packs (*):

- Insurance against all risks

- Weapon/marker (Walken SW1)

- Complete protective equipment for each player (1 mask, 1 vest, 1 neck protection and 1 pair of gloves)

- Unlimited cylinder filling


20% for those who have a weapon/marker

30% for those who have the weapon/marker and full equipment

Paintball Field Rental

- €75 for 3 hours

- €30 for each additional hour

Contact us for special events (*):

Birthdays, Family Reunions, Bachelor Parties, Team Building

Paintball Field Rental

This option is ideal for those who already have all the equipment and wish to use our space to play paintball independently:

- For groups with their own equipment

- Does not include activities or referee

- €75 for 3 hours of open field

- €30 for each additional hour

how to book

1. Agree with your friends or family on one or more possible dates

2. Contact us to find out about availability

00351 934 993 770

3. We agree and book a date

4. We send data for payment, which can be done via Bank Transfer, MBWAY, Paypal or to a Bitcoin wallet