Buggys and our activities – soon near you!

Azores4Fun will soon make available 3 Buggys ZFORCE 550EX, from CF Moto, 496cc and 38 horsepower, ideal power for our off-road tours, considering the accumulated unevenness of some of our trails, on land, access points of interest on the island of Faial, and with rear transport capacity, to enable the transport of individual material for complementary activities.

Buggys, also known as Kart Cross or Side-By-Side motorcycles, are 4x4 motorized vehicles developed for activities on dirt roads.

Each Buggy can accommodate two people, one of whom must have a driving license for a light vehicle, and a rear storage area capable of carrying, simultaneously, an inflatable canoe, two inflatable SUPs, 1 tent and two 30L backpacks and still space for 1 can of gasoline (if necessary). The use of a helmet in these vehicles is not mandatory, but we will always have it available to recommend it or in case any customer wants to use it.

Buggy activities have a maximum capacity of 6 people, and can be carried out with a minimum of 1 person. Since the presence of a guide is always mandatory, and in order not to limit the maximum capacity, the Azores4Fun certified guide will be able to accompany the activity in a Moto4.

Activities with Buggys will preferably be practiced on dirt tracks, not excluding, however, that you can pass on asphalt in connecting sections.

We will offer routes essentially through the island of Faial, with different lengths, from 20Km to 70Km, and durations. Tours on the island of Pico or on the island of São Jorge can also be done separately or included in activity packages for more than 1 day. The activities carried out beyond the island of Fail will always be conditioned to the realization of the trips by Atlanticoline, a maritime transport company that operates between the aforementioned islands.

The main objective of Buggy activities is to always offer allusive and exploratory routes of our Geological and Natural wealth, in strict respect for the environment, with a pinch of some adrenaline characteristic of driving this type of vehicle.

Come and adventure with us!! Coming soon...